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  • 1948 McNulty & Foley Caterers, Inc.  was created
  • 1973 The Dion family purchased
  • 1998 McNulty & Foley hall was sold and torn down to become Texaco
  • 1998 Dion's youngest daughter, Kristen Dion-Baker continued catering from her home
  • 2000 Barbara and Kristen bought a building at 124 East Hollis Street, Nashua to resume off-site catering
  • 2013 McNulty & Foley added another family member to bring her amazing cooking talents...Laurie Dion-Ethier

Throughout the 41 years that McNulty & Foley Caterers has been in the Dion family, many things have changed as well as many things staying the same. McNulty's Famous Tossed Salad, Chicken Pie, Delmonico Potatoes and Roast beef Au Jus have all stayed the same after all these years. 

McNulty & Foley has had the privileges to serve many of our United States Presidents, to name a few: President Ronald Reagan, President Jimmy Carter, President George Bush, President George W Bush, President Bill Clinton and more. We have been honored to serve them. 

We cater to corporate events, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, baptisms and any event in between. We pride ourselves in excellence in quality, service and presentation. We only serve the freshest of foods and we welcome accommodating for special diets.  We cater to YOU! It is a our #1 goal to make your event wonderfully memorable and stress free. Our staff is professional and they go the extra mile. 
We Look forward to serving your catering needs. 


Kristen Dion-Baker          Barbara Dion       Laurie Dion-Ethier

McNulty & Foley will travel to cater your event. We make every attempt to accommodate all sizes of functions. 

Email Kristen at any time: