McNulty & Foley Express & Caterers, Inc.

Great Beginnings

All prices are per person. Butler passed and stationary.

Highlighted are Our Most Popular and Star Denotes Gluten Free

Cold Hors D'ouvres

*McNulty’s Bean Dip or Foley’s Cheese Dip           $1.50

*Homemade Hummus w/ breads            $2.50

*Fresh Homemade Bruschetta with garlic toasted breads $2.75

*Assorted Cheese &  Pepperoni Display with Crackers     $2.25

  *Vegetable Crudites  w/ Tangy Dip          $2.25

  * Deviled Eggs          $1.50

*Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display     $2.25 

*Deluxe Fruit Platter        $3.50

*Fresh Fruit kebabs         $2.75

*Roasted Vegetable Crudites with tangy sauce     $3.50

  *Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto      $2.50
 Marinated Tri- Colored Tortellini on a skewer           $2.25 

*Caprese Skewers        $2.50

  *Crab-meat Dip w/ Crackers        $2.00 

*Shrimp Dip w/ Crackers             $2.75 

*Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto      $2.25 

*Mexican Layer Dip w/ Tortilla Chips       $2.35

*Individual Mexican Layer Dip cups $3.00

Assorted pastries & Desserts        $3.75 

*Shrimp Cocktail        market price 


Hot Hors D’ouvres

*Scallops Wrapped in Bacon         $3.85
Meatballs (Swedish or Italian)  $2.50

*Chicken Wings (Buffalo, teriyaki, BBQ)        $2.50

 Stuffed Mushroom Caps      $2.50

Assorted Mini Quiche           $2.25

  *Kielbasa (served w/ our own BBQ Sauce)    $2.50

Spinach Squares     $2.75

*Skewered Scallops wrapped w/ Jumbo Shrimp    $4.75

Mini Tomato Tartlets w/ onion and goat cheese    $3.00

*Tenderloin served with Horseradish Chive sauce   $5.25

Spanakopita              $2.50

Chicken or Vegetable Pot stickers    $2.50

Grilled Chicken Caesar Slider        $2.50

Please feel free to create your own cocktail party. All paper Products are included. Prices are per person. Minimum of Thirty (30) persons does apply. 9% tax and 17% service charge has NOT been added. 
All deposits are NON-Refundable!

Please let us know if there is something you do not see here that you would like and we will make it for you.