McNulty & Foley Express & Caterers, Inc.

Salad Dressing

McNulty's Famous Tossed Salad has been a long time staple of our catering. This salad dressing is our "secret' recipe and it is the ONLY salad dressing we offer.  

No matter who we serve or how many people we are serving, there is always comments regarding this being the best salad dressing they have ever had!

We are now offering it to anyone and everyone! You can now order McNulty's Famous Tossed salad to be shipped to you worldwide.  

McNulty's Famous Tossed Salad Dressing is a vinegar based dressing, it is NOT a cream dressing.  It is made with fresh products and there are no preservatives.  

This dressing is also a great marinade.  

This Dressing is Gluten Free

Currently selling in sizes of:

Pint:  $5.25
Quart: $10.00
Gallon:  $30.00

We will ship anywhere.  Shipping charges apply. This salad dressing will change any event you may have or just as an individual. It is addicting and we want you to enjoy it as well.  It is also great as a marinade!