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Heating instructions

Happy Thanksgiving

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Heating Instructions


Turkey can be heated in the microwave or the oven.

If in microwave- it’s best to cover with saran wrap to keep moisture in. For 1 to 4 people, microwave for 2 minutes at a time

For larger orders- Heat in low oven 300, covered with saran wrap and then tinfoil- yes saran goes in the oven. Half hour or so.


Pork Stuffing- Microwave for a couple minutes or stove top or crock pot

Bread Stuffing- Microwave or heat in oven- covered at 300 for half hour, depending on amount


Microwave, stovetop or crock pot

 Gravy- Microwave or stove top

Delmonico potatoes- 325 uncovered until bubbles for orders of 5 or more about a half hour

You can call with any questions: 603-882-1921

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   Thanksgiving Turkey & All the Fixings
Let McNulty & Foley Caterers, Inc. take the burden off during the holiday season. Order our delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings or any of our tasty side dishes to compliment your meal. You will be the hit at the Thanksgiving table. This year’s listings are listed below:

Turkey Dinner: $13.95 per person

Includes: Slow Roasted Sliced White and Dark Meat Turkey, Bread Stuffing, Real Mashed Potatoes, Whipped Butternut Squash, Gravy and Rolls

Side Dishes- (Pints also available at half the quart price)

Bread Stuffing                                             $9.00 per quart

Pork Stuffing                                              $12.00 per quart

Butternut Squash                                         $9.00 per quart

Delmonico Potatoes                                    $2.50 per person

Mashed Potatoes                                         $2.00 per person

McNulty’s Famous Tossed Salad                 $2.00 per person

Turkey Gravy                                              $8.00 per quart

Green Bean Casserole                                  $2.00 per person


Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (per dozen)     $12.00 per dozen

Apple Crisp                                                $ 3.50 per person

Grapenut Custard Pudding                           $ 3.50 per person

If you would like to place and order, please call: 603-882-1921 or email, is the best:  Turkey dinners MUST be placed by Saturday November 18. Orders for sides must be ordered by Monday November 20. Orders are to be picked up Wednesday November 22, 2017 from 11-1:00. 124 East Hollis Street, Nashua, NH across from Dunkin Donuts. We accept all payments.